Whatever happens in politics it will be technologically unrecognizable

Whatever happens in politics it will be technologically unrecognizable

Technology is changing everything. We have known that for a long time, but it doesn’t change the fact that it makes all the difference

Reaching people is different now

In the past, we could call a person and ask them for their political opinions. That is no longer viable. Fewer people have a home phone number, and no one picks up a mobile phone when they don’t recognize the number.

People spend more time online than ever before, so going door-to-door or mailing them doesn’t make sense anymore. And incidentally, there is an implied cost which is prohibitive anyway.

The internet as a mechanism is also changing the way in which people respond to politics. Individisble.org states its mission is to cultivate the organizations which are to defeat the current administration, get new progressive leaders elected and to see the passage of new bold progressive policies.

Enter your zip code into their website and they will provide you with a range of allied organizations one of which should be to your political tastes.

Fundraising is now a completely different prospect

In the first place, we are now much more skeptical of how politicos raise funds, and the older fashioned Political Action Committees will get less and less acceptable as the older guard moves out. Now we expect watchdogs and technology to make the source of funds more transparent and politicians will have to use new technology to raise funds and for it to be transparent.

One hugely positive effect of that is that my micro-donation when allied with yours and millions of like-minded thinkers might offset the power of big business.

If big business is not funding the status quo

Take an issue like obesity. Few would deny there is an issue, but it is only of late where more people are aware that it is not how much but what we eat that is the problem. If fast food chains no longer fund our politics do we have the potential to improve our diet?

An older population

One major aspect of politics in the next ten years is the difference in the aging population. As the baby boomers begin to make their way out of the top end of the strata the generation that follows at the lower end will be the first to have a smaller generation following it.

The older generation is going to have concerns which center around health care, cancer and Alzheimer research and making sure there are facilities for long-term care. Millennials can be justifiably concerned about having to pay for it.

No matter how we look at it, we are on the cusp of a change. We are at a point where the old ways of doing things are being overtaken by technology. Where that technology promises to be more open and direct, we will demand it, as we are tired of politicking.

At the same time, a sea-change in the demographic means the old styles of politics will no longer be tolerated.