Millennials are the future of politics

Millennials are the future of politics

If you think that millennials are a group of screen watching adolescents who grew up without ever walking to school and have no idea of what they are about, it is time to reconsider your view. Why?Because to a great extent your future is going to depend on them.


How big a generation

Since 2015 millennials have been the biggest share of the workforce. Additionally, in 2016, they surpassed the Baby Boomers are the largest living generation, while in the same year the millennials needed Generation X to surpass the Baby Boomers as a voting bloc. Alone they constituted 35% of the electorate. In 2020 it might be close, but by 2024 they will constitute the biggest single voting bloc, assuming you can get them to vote, that is.


Getting them to vote in the same old way may be difficult

The received wisdom was that there would be a huge swing toward the Democrats. If the popular vote in 2016 is anything to go by that looks to be true. But in recent months some commentators have noted a move away from Democratic support. There is ample time for the Democrats to mobilize and equally the Republicans could irrevocably shoot themselves in the foot.

The direction in which the generation of 71 million younger people mobilizes it will be the factor that has the biggest influence on the next election.

Millennials are growing up

The drop in Democratic popularity can be attributed to good old-fashioned maturity. The generation of babies is now the next generation who are buying houses, having babies, looking to move on with their own lives. They have become concerned with the issues that worried their parents.

Party politics is less relevant

Baby Boomers took on a political stance based on a wide number of factors. They might have followed in their parent’s footsteps or they might have made the alternative decision and gone in the opposite direction.

Millennials, on the other hand, receive their information in a different way. They see the news from any number of sources, some reputable and some not. But it is presented to them online not on TV. Sitting down to watch the news at 6 in the evening is not the main source.

Thinking the generation is not political is a mistake

Young people’s reactions to the deplorable school shootings demonstrate not only are millennials political, but they will also act and they do know how to do it.

What should be scary for those of us who are not paying attention is the world has passed us by. We are the ones who no longer know what the next generation is thinking politically. We get the same old news sources, we read the same old commentators and we are the ones who are completely out of touch.

The future of politics will pass us by. Politics was always like this. There comes a time to step aside and let the next generation in. Who knows they might do a better job.